Recommend It!

As vacation rental homeowners, we are always looking for new and creative ways to make our property unique and special.

We always go above and beyond with giveaways that can be expensive like mints on the bed pillows, flowers on the table, or mugs with property information on them.

We often overlook the easy and free things that make a greater difference in our guests stay.

Here is one of our favorite marketing ideas that works!!!

Make “local recommendations” of restaurants, shopping , events, and attractions with brief descriptions of their services and products, location, pricing and contact information as well as the best time to go.

pumpkin patchPlay up seasonal activities

Halloween is coming up in a few days, recommend that they check out a local haunted house, pumpkin patch, theme park or restaurant that has a Halloween theme

Also don’t forget to tell them which places to avoid and why.

Your goal is to help them to have the best experience possible while at your vacation rental home so that they will come back in the future.

Remember, you are the expert in the area of your home in the eyes of your guest.

This is a easy but powerful way to assure your guests that you know everything about the area around your property and that you want them to have the best trip of their lives.

Have some fun with it!

Get creative!

Most importantly, when they leave you want them saying “I can’t wait to come back”.

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