Josh Enjoys Sunny California Beach Vacation

Lieutenant  Joshua Lopez age 25 from Lancaster, Ca. along with his wife  and two beautiful kids Patrick and Robert enjoyed a luxurious week’s vacation at “Surf City Palace” in Huntington Beach, Ca. courtesy of Dream Renting and Freedom Alliance


The Lopez Family at sunset on Huntington Pier

“I want to encourage vacation rental homeowners to please participate in Dream Renting to promote your property, and give a deserving family a dream vacation. The home “Surf City Palace” was incredible with its affluent design, comfortable living spaces, luxurious master suite and convenient location helped me re-connect with my wife and kids and it has encouraged me to keep working for full recovery to be the best man, husband and father I can be.” –Lieutenant Joshua Lopez


Lieutenant Lopez is a strong, gracious and humble man who without hesitation saved the life of his comrade and was severely wounded in the process. Joshua has overcome PTSD, depression, amputation, 45 surgeries to date and painful rehabilitation to live a normal life with his family.   He encourages wounded vets to trust the people caring for you and to love those who are at your side when you need them the most.



Sergeant Lopez during physical therapy

Since his accident in 2012, Joshua and his family live a high stress life going in and out of the hospital, enduring surgeries, fighting depression and PTSD on top of a normal life’s stresses.  Joshua is always looking toward the future and tries not to let his situation get him down.  He is focusing on a career in Cyber Security and strives to become an Archer on the US Paralympic Archery Team.  We are proud to give Lieutenant Lopez the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy his family in Huntington Beach, CA. at “Surf City Palace”, donated by a generous vacation rental home owner at Dream Renting and forget hospital stays, surgeries, appointments, therapy and all the pain and stress that comes along with it.

This is his story:

I was attending USC playing football and wrestling in 2007 when my best friend Bobby asked me to join the Marine Corps with him on the Buddy Program.  I was hesitant at first but I promised I would not let him join alone, and to this day I do not regret that decision.  In January 2008 Bobby and I started boot camp together and I became a Mortar Man and worked with two Marine Expeditionary Units and did a combat tour in Afghanistan.  I was so excited to be a Marine, serve my country and be on this grand adventure.


After a month into my 3rd Deployment with 25, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines; I was injured on April 2nd 2012.  While clearing a compound in Jalalabad, Afghanistan I pushed my clearing partner out of the way of an IED blast that sent me flying 20 feet into the air.  When I landed, I shattered my pelvis, broke my back, my Legs were mangled and my hands were lacerated but I continued to fight for my life against the incoming insurgents until I was out of ammunition.  It was then I realized I was sitting in a pool of my own blood and helpless to stop myself from bleeding due to all my injuries; all I could do was wait for help.



Sergeant Lopez on deployment in Afghanistan

The Marine I pushed out of the way of the IED blast was un-injured and preceded to turnicate all four of my limbs to stop the bleeding from my mangled legs and lacerated hands.  The rest of my team got me onto the evacuation helicopter where I was given morphine for the pain and taken to Germany.



Sergeant Lopez in his Marine Dress Blues

Upon Arrival in Germany at the forward operating base, I began to lose consciousness and as my vision began to tunnel as I remembered my one-month old son, Patrick.  I then flat lined for 4 minutes and 15 seconds before they were able to restart my heart.


Sergeant Lopez’s Family on the beach in Huntinton

I went from Germany to Waltery Hospital in Bethesda Maryland where my Mother, Father, Wife and Son were waiting for me and where I would spend the next 3 months undergoing three surgeries a week for a total of around 45 surgeries to reconstruct my body.  My Wife and Mother were there to take care of me every step of the way.

DSC_2181 (1)

Lt. Lopez and his Wife

I have been studying Cyber Security thanks to 2 gentlemen who volunteered their time at the hospital. Cyber Security gives me a way to continue to give back to my country and I have a Interview with BoozAllen tomorrow!

I am also very big into Archery and have become competitive at shooting a bow.  My goal is to make the US Archery team and participate in the Paralympics.

DSC_2377 Lopez family enjoying Huntington Beach Pier

Today, I am here at “Surf City Palace” in Huntington Beach, Ca with my family spending time together, enjoying the sun, sand and just relaxing and not worrying about anything.  Honestly, I feel like a whole new man! It has been incredible to adjust to my new normal here at “Surf City Palace” where I don’t have to think about upcoming surgeries, procedures, appointments, therapy and hardships.

My wife, remembers, “From the minute we arrived at “Surf City Palace” I could not believe how luxurious the house was.  I remember walking in the front door and was awe-struck by the design and homey feel of the house.  The kitchen was enormous and fully stocked with a sitting area that had plenty of space for activities and relaxation.  We spent so much time on the shady back porch eating breakfast and playing with the kids.  It was so nice to forget all our troubles and just relax at “Surf City Palace”.



Sergeant Lopez with his son and combat buddy

Dream Renting is such a great opportunity for homeowners to give deserving families a break from reality and reduce the major stressors and depressions that result from combat.  Without Dream Renting  Freedom Alliance and “Surf City Palace” there would be no way I could afford to take my family on vacation.  Our stay here means so much more to us than anyone could imagine and we are so fortunate to have been chosen for this vacation.

It was so great seeing my kids so happy, being able to spend time with my wife and kids and enjoy the beach and forget about my stresses.DSC_2375

The Lopez family enjoying sunset on the Huntington Beach pier just a 5 min walk from “Surf City Palace”


“I want to thank Dream Renting for giving my family and I the opportunity to rejuvenate at “Surf City Palace” here in Huntington Beach, Ca.” – Lieutenant Joshua Lopez

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