Vacation Rental Homes VS. Hotels

Vacation Rental Homes VS. Hotels

Everyone love to go on vacation, whether it is a weekend at the Marriott with your spouse or taking the whole family to Disney World there is always one thing that everyone hates to figure out…


Sure staying in a hotel is perfect for the business traveler who is just there to sleep by themselves. But what about the family that brought their entire house full of belongings with them?


family-in-bed-with-luggage-hotel-roomTraditionally, we travel all day dragging our families exhausted, hungry and cranky though airports, airplanes, shuttle buses and eventually get to a hotel in the middle of the city. When you walk into the big hotel room with your bags and all “Your Royal Highness’s Matched Luggage” and all your kids belongings, that room that looked big, is now small and cluttered with every item that could possibly be stuffed into a suitcase. It is always amazing how a strategically packed piece of luggage tends to spring out when you open it like a Jack-in –the-box!

VACATION RENTAL HOMEhammock-385600_640

Now imagine your exhausted family gets off the shuttle in a neighborhood, in front of a house who’s walkway is lit up by twinkling lights which you and your family follow to the front door. You type in the code to unlock the front door and you are greeted by the smell of fresh baked cookies and a quaint entry that looks out over the private pool. You have a master bedroom and bathroom for you and your spouse, a room for your kids, a full kitchen with stocked fridge and a Hammok with your name on it!!!!


Everyone has their own space in a vacation rental home. There is tons of freedom for the kids to play outside, Mom to cook, Dad to send some emails using the WiFi. All of a sudden your vacation went from “Why is this hotel room so small! Pick up your stuff!” to “I don’t want to leave! This was so worth it.”

Vacation Rental Homes are very comparable in price to high end hotels and many times can be cheaper for long stays. You have tons of space for everyone, lots of locations to choose from and you get a very personal, homey experience that will leave you never wanting to leave.

Check out a vacation rental home next time you travel!

DreamRenting’s First Vacation Story!

Imagine a vacation rental site that focuses on you, the homeowner, improving content about your home and even improving your personal website. You the deserving individual, receiving a dream vacation at one of our premium vacation homes donated by a generous homeowner. Our charitable mission is to helping those individuals and families in need by utilizing vacation home open dates to make dreams comes true for deserving individuals and their families. Homeowners get more traffic along with amazing stories about their home and help others along the way. Dream Renting in conjunction with Freedom Alliance, is pleased to present our first vacation home donation in Huntington Beach CA to a truly deserving Army Master Sergeant.

The luxurious “Surf City Palace” vacation home in Huntington Beach, featuring a palm-tree shaded patio and view of the ocean was donated so that Freedom Alliance could give a commendable hero and his family a week long seaside vacation.


Master Sergeant David and Karen

Master Sergeant David spent 15 years of active duty in Africa, the Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 10 years in the National Guard and Reserves. He has survived multiple tours of combat, coming home with a traumatic brain injury, back and knee problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

After spending two years recovering in Fort Carson, Colorado at the Warrior Transition Battalion, David has overcome and is a middle-school teacher. Karen is proud of her husband’s service and is so happy to have had time to spend with him at the beach. The couple is from California originally but moved to Utah nearly 30 years ago. So upon arriving in Orange County, their social calendar filled up quickly for seeing old friends and family.

Freedom Alliance donated a $500 gift card towards food and travel expenses. David and Karen were off to enjoy their beautiful vacation home with all the perks, walks on the beach, and trips to Trader Joe’s.

“Thank you so much,” the couple repeated. “This trip is simply amazing.”

Thank you for your service. You deserve it!

cover pic Patio hosue front


Donated Vacation Rental: “Surf City Palace

Donate your home to a deserving individual and increase your bookings today!


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